Synchronize your watches, LAN WAR XXVII is coming!

The Gaming @ IU Club is happy to announce LAN WAR 27, once again at the Briscoe Residence Hall Student Activity Room, Indiana University.

The Event date will be November 15th, starting at Noon, and will run for 24 hours.

Watch this space, and our other social media links for more details in the coming weeks.

Registration will open about 1 month before the event date.

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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back IU Gamers!

And Welcome NEW IU GAMERS!

We're getting new staff up to speed, and getting ready to begin activities for the fall, so check back on our webpage, Facebook page, and twitter feed soon for more details, events, and fun!

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LAN War XXVI Tournament Schedule

The Attendees have spoken. We have a tourney schedule:

Tourney 1 (Saturday 1pm-3pm): DOTA2
Tourney 2 (Saturday 3pm - 6pm): CS:GO
Tourney 3 (Saturday 7pm - 12am): LoL
Tourney 4 (Sunday 12am - 3am): TitanFall

We'll be opening team request links in the shortly, and players are also encouraged to reach out to other teams, and warm up for the event.

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