Event Schedule

Doors Open: Noon, Nov 15th
CS:Go Start Time: 1PM
LoL Start Time: 3PM
Dinner: 6PM
Prize Drawing: 6:45PM
DOTA2 Start Time: 7PM
Prize Drawing: 11:45PM
Battlefield 4 Start Time: Midnight
Prize Drawing: 2:45AM
Prize Drawing: 7:45AM
Teardown: 11:30AM
Prize Drawing: Noon

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LAN War XXVII Tournament Schedule

Voting is complete for LAN War XXVII Official Tournaments:

Tourney 1 (1pm-4pm): Counter Strike: GO
Tourney 2 (3pm-6pm): League of Legends
Tourney 3 (7pm-12am): DOTA 2
Tourney 4 (12am-3am): Battlefield 4

If something you want to play isn't listed, don't worry. We have a LOT of unofficial tournaments, casual play, and other fun all weekend.

See you all in 2 weeks!

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LAN War XXVII Is now open for registration!

The event will be November 15th-16th, 2014.
The event will start at Noon Saturday and run until Noon Sunday.
Briscoe Dormitory
1225 North Fee Lane
Bloomington, IN 47406-7503

For additional details, see the event registration page.

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